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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hello I am...

It's been nearly a month since I did a "Hello I am..." post, and I will definitely try to make it more of a habit.  Maybe I'll pick a day and actually stick with it, because this "as I feel like" thing just isn't happening. 

Anyway, today I wanted to share a little bit more of myself with you.  My last "Hello I am..." post, I talked about my paranoid tendencies, one of which was not revealing my name or posting pictures of my family members online, dogs excluded.  I my dogs, but I don't think they would mind having their identity stolen, and I doubt they'll in danger of being kidnapped considering they rarely leave the house.  Damn germaphobe dogs.

Well, as you might have noticed, along with the new blog design, a couple things have changed, such as my previous no-name no-picture policy.  Obviously this is still a blog focused on finding the good deals in life, but as I started to really consider my blog as my small business, I realized that there aren't too many small businesses out there owned/started/run by "anonymous". 

I'm not the bandwagon-ing type of girl, but 90% of the blogs that I read on a daily basis share their names and pictures of their family, and nothing bad has happened to them.  Just like every other blogger out there, I have high hopes that my blog will one day be featured on some mainstream media outlet, and while the possibility of that happening is probably rather low, and if that said mainstream media outlet ever comes a-knocking, I doubt they'll be taking "anonymous" as a name.

There's a fine line to being safe and being overly paranoid.  I still think it's better to be safe than sorry, but just as with any small business, there is some risk involved.  The risk factor is rather low though, and is certainly acceptable. 

Next week I will share a truly new "Hello I am..." with you, considering this week I kind of cheated and just expanded on my last topic =P.

1 comment:

Patricia said...

I was glad when you divulged your name. MPP just wasn't right to me :) I wanted a name (any name, really) for you!

Many moons ago I had an "online" name but these days I probably give away way too much information about myself. Sometimes it feels like everyone on the Interweb is my personal friend.

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