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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Thanks to Thrifty & Chic Mom, I am now the proud owner of another award.  And I am SO thrilled about this one, because I've always harbored a secret desire to be rock star (heehee).  For this award, I'm supposed to share 8 amazing things about myself and then pass it on to 8 other rockstars (read: bloggers).  So here are my 8 things, and let's just pretend that they're the awesomest (yes, that's a technical term) things that you've ever heard of:
  1. I love my life. Sometimes it gets a bit crazy, and I'm not pleased that I need to head out in 25º weather so I can pick hubby up from work just so he can go in again in 7 hours, but I do love my life.
  2. I'm double-jointed (or so I'm told).
  3. As much as I complain and whine about it, I love figuring out coding and stuff for my blog.
  4. I used to sing in the shower (and by sing, I mean full on "come and buy a ticket to my concert" type of "sing".  I even took a radio in there to be my back-up vocals =P).  See where my rock star complex started?
  5. I want a horse. I don't want a farm.  I just want a horse.
  6. My lucky number is 28!
  7. I'm a big old geek and I actually used to be an intense MUDder back in the day. (For you initiated types, I was an occultist, then a druid, and then a mage, and then an arboreal.  And I was an Erisian, and then a Lifie, sorta.  Just try guessing what "world" I came from...)
  8. I'm weird. As if you couldn't tell from the previous thing.
Okay, now comes the part where I'm supposed to be passing this award on to 8 other rock stars.  I'm afraid I'm just going to have be a rebel and refuse.  I'm passing this award to all the bloggers in my links.  I'm not in the habit of linking just to link - there's a reason that those blogs are on there, and the reason is that they're all awesome rock stars.  Go get a rockin' and check all them stars out!

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