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Thursday, November 13, 2008 Huggies deal update

I am so done with this whole Huggies mess. A quick history lesson: on Saturday night was selling a box of 264 size 1-2 diapers for $17.65 with $6.95 shipping. The diapers were sold/shipped by DAB Nutrition. By spending $25 or more, you were eligible for a $15 rebate (or a magazine subscription here). I placed my order around 6pm on Saturday, and had it canceled Sunday afternoon at 12pm.

First of all, I'm ticked that I can't get the diapers that were advertised. My order was canceled, and then the same vendor listed the product for $69.95. And now I find out that my credit card was charged, even though the cancellation email said that my card would not be charged.

I called immediately on Monday, and after spending a good 3 hours on the phone being bounced around by, this whole mess is no closer to being revolved. It has now been 5 days since I placed my order.

To be fair though, Amazon has issued a total of $25 credit to my account, and DAB Nutrition said they will be sending out a free product for me. I appreciate all of that, but honestly...does Amazon think they can just buy my trust back? Why in the world would I place another order if you can't tell me why the first one was canceled?

I still really have no idea why my order was canceled. According to DAB Nutrition, it was a screw-up by Amazon. They were listing zip lock bags, and somehow the product code got messed up and it was listed as diapers instead. According to Dan at DAB Nutrition, they don't even CARRY Huggies. O...kay? What in the world...?! Besides, if that was the case, why did they send out an apology email on Monday morning that said: ""Due to a pricing error through Amazon we had to cancel the orders. We simply are unable to sell at this price because of agreements with Amazon and other vendors. We apologize for the confusion." This statement leads me to believe that they DO in fact carry Huggies diapers. You can't have an agreement with Amazon and other vendors on a product that you don't have. And I love how they view their agreement with other vendors more importantly than their agreement with their customers. But whatever.

I saw a product that I wanted. I paid for it. My money was taken. I'm not getting my product. My money has not been returned yet. It's as simple as that. I'm not out to play the blame game, and I could care less who's at fault. DAB Nutrition will never get my business again, and at the rate that they're going, will never get my business again either.

I spoke with probably about 10 representatives from by now. Two of them were very helpful, most were not. Some were so heavily accented that I could barely understand them. I'm all for equal opportunity, but when your job is to communicate with someone using ONLY your voice, you need to have a clear speaking voice! And then there were the representatives that were just plain old rude. One guy actually had the guts to yell at me and tell me to be patient. HUH? You took my money in under 12 hours, but you want me to give you DAYS to return my money for a mistake that you made?!

Oh, and remember the section of's Seller Participating Agreement that I shared with you in my last update? NONE of the representatives that I spoke with knew that it existed. I had to tell them where to look for it. Someone please explain to me why I know more about the company than their employees. It didn't take me long to find it either - I think I did a search for seller obligation or seller contract in their help section and it popped right up. It wasn't this massive undertaking - it took all of 5 minutes.

It's nice that Amazon issued me a $25 credit and DAB Nutrition wants to send me some free soap, but I cannot be bought. My trust cannot be bought. I would rather pay a couple dollars more and support a reputable and honorable company with my business.

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Robyn said...

I was on Amazon recently and noticed in the forums section that someone posted an item saying there is a new scam going on at Amazon with the sellers, doing exactly what you experienced. They take your payment and then tell you that the order can't be processed. Sometimes it happens before the payment is made, but they still have your info.
Amazon doesn't know how to handle it yet.
Good luck, I hope you can get it worked out!

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