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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mailbox of Goodies

Before I start, let me say that there will not be a Freebie Frenzy posting today. There's only one notable freebie to share today, so I will save that and add it to morrow's listing (hopefully tomorrow is a better freebie day).

Today's Mailbox of Goodies was a welcomed change from my normally pathetic Mailbox. I got a sample of Post-It's Self-Stick Wall Pad. I honestly didn't know how they were going to mail it - I thought it was going to be a coupon for a free product or something. Instead they mailed it in this triangular tube thingy, so right now the wall pad is spending some time under my coffee table to be smoothened out.

Chloe and Chip also got something in the mail today - a sample of Pet Greens treats that they just gobbled up. It also came with a $0.50/1 coupon good at PetCo only. We might just have to take advantage of that coupon, considering when I opened the sample pack the treats smelled so good I wanted to eat one!

My next two freebies were completely unrequested surprise. CVS is really trying to get on my good side these days...I received a surprise $1/1 coupon for any bag of TrueNorth. Gymboree also sent me something. Apparently they're handing
out $25 Gymbucks for all Gymboree members. It's basically $25 off any purchase of $50. I can't say that I'm too overly excited about this, considering I still have to spend $25 at Gymboree and I can't even use
it until January, and only during a 10 day period. But a freebie is a freebie, and you can't complain!

I have updated my received freebies list accordingly, but please note that the free sample offer might be over by now. It's not uncommon for samples to take a month or two in transit, but it is a safer alternative if you're worried about releasing your information. There is also the incoming freebies listing, but that carries a certain amount of risk. I never intentionally try to scam you or anything, but I'm just human and I make mistakes. I will never list anything on my incoming freebies list that I did not request myself, so know that at least I trust them enough with my personal information.

Anyway, check out my recently updated listing of received freebies.

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