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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mailbox of Goodies


I only received one free sample today, which would be my Sam's Club Member's Mark Infant Formula sample.  It sure took its sweet time getting over here...I was starting to think that it would never come!

I also received a booklet of money-saving coupons from Gerber.  As far as I can tell, these are available to anyone who requests them by joining their mailing list. 

And this isn't exactly a freebie, but it's definately a goodie.  I got my order of stamps from USPS online today.  We have a post office that's right on base and is on my husband's way to work, but I chose to order stamps online because my post office does not always carry a full line of stamps.  The people at the post office are always so nice and helpful, but there's always a huge line.  The people who live in the barracks can only get letters delivered to them, so they have to go the post office to pick up their packages.  Most of the time that I spend waiting in line is for these people to pick up their packages, and not for people mailing things out, so it's just a bit of a hassle that I would rather pay a dollar processing fee to avoid.

Anyway, here are a few free samples for your requesting pleasure:
Today's a new day of a new month, so don't forget to clean out your coupon stash of expired coupons and send them off to military families overseas!  I'm having a giveaway to give you more motivation to get on it...enter here!

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Momstart said...

I just love your site. I like getting the freebies too.

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