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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday: The Kitchen Organization Edition

My kitchen is honestly the one place that I could not care less about. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I'm a terrible cook and really don't enjoy cooking at all, but mainly it's because there is not much I can do about kitchen organization. With every new house comes a new kitchen. There's only so much I can do in terms of an organizational system - after all, it's not like I can replace our kitchen cabinets, and then take those cabinets with us when we move to a new house. I've just resigned myself to making things fit however they will.

What I try to do though is to keep like items together if at all possible. That means the plates, pots and pans, and cooking utensils go by the stove for easy access. Cups go directly above where the coffee maker is on the countertop, and our drink mixes ideally go somewhere near the cups. Get the idea? I try to go by this method whenever I can, but that depends heavily on what I have to work with in the first place.

And since pictures are worth a thousand words, here's my kitchen for your viewing pleasure:

It's a rather small kitchen, but thankfully there's just enough storage room for our stuff. I wasn't able to completely stick with my like-items strategy, but for the most part it works for us. All of the shelving is adjustable, but we're only going to be here for a couple of months and it just wasn't worth the trouble to adjust everything.

This is by no means my ideal kitchen, but like I said I really try not to stress the whole "kitchen" thing since I have so little control over it. In most of the other rooms I can take my organizational ways with me because every closet is more or less the same - the size might change, but for the most part it's an empty space for me to work with. The kitchen is the one abnormality where my organization is dictated by the different type of drawers and cabinets that I have to work with. So I've decided that as long as everything fits and I don't spend more than 10 seconds looking for it, I'm happy.


Erica said...

LOLOLOL Your kitchen is small???

You have more counter space on either side of your stove than I have in my entire kitchen. Honestly, I have one drawer the size of your tupperware lids drawer, and two of the tiny narrow ones like your spoons and knives are in. Mine might be smaller... I can't get wraps and baggies in mine. lol For a gal who loves to cook, it's a nightmare, but somehow, we make it work!

Very nice organization by the way! I love being able to find things quickly cause I know right where they are!

jenn said...

I love that your utensils each have their own drawer. I have 4 drawers of utensils and gadgets, half of which I never use. It might be time to go through it all. Thanks for the inspiration!

kd said...

Sorry, I have to agree with Erica. You have a mansion kitchen compared to mine! :D It looks great!

Jerralea said...

You did an awesome job with this post. Very impressive. This is my first time here at your sight, so I have no idea why you'll only be here a couple of months but I hope you enjoy your next kitchen!

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