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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mailbox of Goodies: catch-up edition

I have TWO huge Mailbox of Goodies to share from yesterday and one from today.  My time these days are extremely short since I'm working overtime to bring the new My Precious Pennies online as soon as possible, but one of the things that I would like to keep doing during this busy time is my daily Mailbox of Goodies.  No promises, but I'll try!

Monday's Mailbox of Goodies

My Mailbox on Monday was HUGE.  My poor mail-man couldn't even get everything in!  I got loads of free reading material (CountryHome magazine, Good Housekeeping, U.S. News, & 2 more pamphlets from the government), but I also got a good share of freebies as well.  I received my Walmart Cottonelle sample that came with a cute paw-shaped $1/1 coupon, as well as my Walmart Nicorette white that came with a $10/1 coupon.

It was also a small payday, because I received my $10 rebate check from the Kellogg's Back to School rebate.  This rebate is actually a $7 moneymaker, since I got the required products from the Target Pop Tart deal back in the beginning of September.  It's an even better deal since we got a free book from the pop tarts that we bought to send in for the rebate.

A note on the informational pamphlets from the government - if you request a whole bunch, they could send them out in shifts.  I got a big package on Wednesday, and they are STILL trickling in.

Today's Mailbox of Goodies

Today I received two other envelopes containing stuff from my original order of informational pamphlets. I do wish they would have just combined everything so I can get it all at once instead of in shifts.  Oh well, can't complain too much about freebies!  Anyway, I also received my free sample of fruit roll-ups, my Shell 2008 Ferrari stickers, and a sample of Calvin Klein's Secret Obsession.

Tonight is Petsmart's Howl-a-ween party, so we will be taking the mutts in their costume.  Chloe is going as an angel (she is graduating from her obedience class tomorrow) and Chip is going as a devil (he's starting class next week).  I'm running extremely tight on time, so I don't have any freebies to share right now.  If I have a spare moment tonight, I will be sure to do a short little freebie round-up.

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