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Monday, October 6, 2008

Mailbox of Goodies: revisited

What is this madness?  2 Mailbox of Goodies posts in one day?  No, I didn't get two mail last Mailbox of Goodies post was really catch-up for Friday and Saturday.  The original plan was to just update that post with the day's goodies, but when I got my mail today I decided that it was so good that it deserved a post all to itself!

I got my free book from the United Through Reading program!  It's free with 2 tokens from specially marked Pop Tart packages, which I got a while ago at Target - after the Kellogg's mail-in rebate and the Target gift-cards, it ended up being a $7 money-maker.  This book only sweetens the deal!  I was a bit hesitant at first to get the book since our baby's only 5 months old, but today when I flipped through the book with her she was actually interested and even grabbed a page herself!

Today was also an unexpected payday from e-bates.  I received a $11.10 check and a $10 Target giftcard!  I love e-bates!

As far as freebies/samples go, I received an issue of my free subscription of Home magazine, as well as my Always Infinity sample with a $1/1 coupon. 
The Daily Pork recipe booklet is kind of cool since the entire booklet can stand-up by itself.  I also received a sheet of coupons from Publix - we no longer have a Publix near us, but I really enjoyed being a part of their Baby Club! 

My last freebie is my shipment of boxes from USPS.  With Christmas time fast approaching, I like to have a stock of these boxes on hand.  One of the downsides of military life is living away from your family, and as a result Christmas only happens with some major help from USPS.  I like to keep a few of these boxes in the car, because I have been known to take the boxes with me to the store to make sure that gifts will fit in them.  It seems like so much of a waste because you -have- to order the boxes in batches of 10, but I'll rather have a few extra boxes lying around than head to the post office only to find out that they don't have any! 

Since this is the second Mailbox of Goodies post for the day, check out my first post to get your fix of freebies!

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Carrie said...

Lucky you to have a coupon for Always Infinity when they are free after ECBs at CVS this week!

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