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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mailbox of Goodies: better late than never

I posted an announcement earlier in the day warning that my Mailbox of Goodies will be late due to a full day of errands, but I never anticipating it being this late.  I went way behind schedule and was out a LOT later than I expected, but the good news is that I had a great Mailbox of Goodies waiting for me when I got home to my cold and dark house.  Sorry Chloe, I'll remember to leave the light on next time.  But seriously now, how do you expect to become a guard dog if you're scared of the dark, you big old brat?

Anyway, I received five freebies, but one was a weird repeat.  Walmart sent me two of their Pledge multi-surface wipes.  The pledge multi-surface wipes are on my "incoming freebies" list twice, but one is from Start Sampling.  Today both envelopes said "Walmart", although they were different envelopes and looked different, they were from the same place and contained the exact same freebie, each with a $1/1 coupon.  Weird.  But I can live with double freebies.

I also got my Crest Whitening Expressions sample from Walmart that came with a useful $1/1 coupon.  The sample came in the cutest package - I was expecting a small sample tube of toothpaste, but instead I received the same packets that shampoo and conditioner normally comes in.  From the manufacturer's standpoint, it's a lot cheaper to send out tiny packets, but they're just so cute and perfect for one-time use!

My dad was recently diagnosed with diabetes and has to test his blood once a day, so I ordered a set of free skins for the Accu-Check tester for him.  But it turns out that he doesn't use the Accu-Check...oopsies.  But not to worry, I'll find someone to give them to...maybe I'll buy an Accu-Check when it's "free" and donate it along with the skins.

The next freebie is kind of weird.  It's from P&G, and contained a sample of pull-ups with a $2/1 coupon.  My daughter is 5 months old!!!  I have no idea in the world why they sent me a pull-up sample when I didn't even request it.  Thanks for the freebie, but I'm definately not going to hang onto it for a year or two though...!

Now for my favorite freebies of the day.  It's rare that I have a tie, but I really do!  The tie is between my $100 AT&T visa giftcard, and my giveaway prize from Oopsie Dazie and Thrifty & Chic Mom.  It's rather late now so I couldn't try the clips on the princess, but they look absolutely fabulous and I cannot wait!  It's definitely going on her Christmas list.  I don't have to explain why the $100 giftcard is my favorite (it's $100!!!), but technically it's not a freebie.  It's a "rebate" from signing up with their service.  But since I had to do it anyway, I guess it can be considered a freebie.  Either way, it sure is a "goody" and it came in my Mailbox, so I'm happy!

Since it's getting rather late, I'm going to have to break my word (gasp!) and skip on the freebies.  I will get to them first thing tomorrow morning, so it'll be a double freebie version of Mailbox of Goodies!

In the meantime, enter the Coupons for Troops giveaway (which ends Friday), or the Macy's giveaway!

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