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Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday shopping review

Let's review! I went to three stores (Petsmart, Kmart, Walgreens) and saved a total of $90.72.  10% of that, or $9.07, will be going back to charity as part of my personal charity challenge.  I'm taking a baggie of goodies to the USO, which includes 2 Pert Plus, 2 Sauve shampoos and the Extreme Energy drink from Walgreens, and I'm guesstimating that to have a value of $10.  I'm finding that it's not hard at all to be giving 10% back of your savings!

Anyway, here is a summary of today's shopping trip.

Merchandise total: $48.73
OOP: $10.97 (used a $20 gift card)
Rebates: $18.47 (#1 - 3), or $20.46 (if #46 revives)
Total savings: $37.76

Merchandise total: $53.39
OOP: $20.14
Rebates: $3.99 SpotShot Money Back Guarantee
Total savings: $33.25


Merchandise total: $51.48
OOP: $31.77
Total savings: $19.71

Day in Review
Merchandise total: $93.51
OOP: $62.88
Rebates: $24.45 (OOP after rebate:$38.43)
Total savings: $90.72

Not too shabby at all for a couple hours of work! 

1 comment:

blueviolet said...

Not bad for one day's efforts!

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