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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baby books galore!

Our little princess is only 5 months old, but she LOVES books.  Whenever I read to her she's so concentrated and amazed by the pictures and different colors.  With the lift-the-flap books, she'll actually reach out and try to lift the flap herself.  Of course it doesn't quite work considering her coordination isn't all the way together at 5 months, but she still has fun with them.

We discovered her love of reading by complete accident.  I had gotten some Pop Tarts back in September for the Target giftcard deal, and also to send in my $10 Kellogg's rebate.  Some of the Pop Tarts were special United Through Reading packages, and I managed to send the tokens off for a free copy of Karen Katz's "Where's Baby's Belly Button?".

We also started Baby Signs with Gymboree last weekend, so I wanted to get a couple of books that we could practice the signs with.  We went to the Borders store in our local outlet mall, and ended up getting 8 books for $18.23.  It comes out to about $2.27 each book, which isn't too bad of a deal for new books.  I know I could have gotten them used at a cheaper price from the thrift store or something, but with my husband's new schedule it's been a headache and a half to get me the car lately, so I've been having trouble just getting my weekly necessity errands done, much less have time to browse for books. Besides, $2 for a new book is not too bad at all. 

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