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Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Lambie Army

Over the weekend, Bath & Body Works were having a promotion where if you buy $15 worth of products, you get a Lambie for free.  I had to exert SERIOUS self-control in the shop...those Lambies are just TOO CUTE.  I ended up going to two different Bath & Body Works, and got all of the above for a total of $27.33.  Here's the price down of each item:
  • 2 Lambies: regular $8 each
  • Lambie loofah: $6
  • Lambie slipper socks: $10
  • Lambie snoring keychain: $4
  • Nail filer: $1.50
  • Travel size lotion: $3.50
  • Wildberry lotion: $14
  • Wildberry wash: $14
    Total merchandise total: $69.00
I saved over $30 with all the promotions and coupons.  The 2 Lambies were free since I made two separate transactions over $15 - I ended up paying $27 because I had some store credit with one of the transactions.  The Wildberry lotion/wash was B1G1, and I think all proceeds go to cancer research, which is why I picked the product instead of some cheaper alternatives.  I got the $10 Lambie slipper socks for free with a "free item of your choice with a $10 purchase" coupon, but I'll have to take the slippers back since one of the bows fell off the first day that I started wearing them. 

Did I need any of the products?  Nope.  But Lambies bring me joy.  It seriously brings my smile to my face to see my Lambie loofah in the shower.  And those Lambie slipper socks are just so soft and I can't wait to get a new pair so I can wear them in this freezing house again.  They also carry actual Lambie slippers which are so adorable - they even have a little tail at the end of it!  Unfortunately, they only sold them in a gift set, but according to the clerk I spoke with they should be getting some individual Lambie slippers soon.  You can bet your bottom dollar that I will be back for my tailed-Lambie slippers. 

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