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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Walgreens Mania...and a trip to the USO!

I really didn't need anything from Walgreens, but since they apparently changed their name to "giving-you-some-greens", I decided to stop by every Walgreen that was on my route to take advantage of their Robitussin moneymaker.  Yes yes yes...I know that Walgreens has a whole truckload of free stuff you can get by combining manufacturer's coupons and EasySaver coupons, but all of those deals required more energy than I had today, what with tracking down the separate coupons and the items.  I've learned that I don't need to take advantage of every "free" item out there. 

Originally I had planned to just stop by every Walgreens that I saw on my route.  Well, I ended up going right past two of them, twice, because I was just too exhausted at the end of the day.  Wednesdays are really tough days for me since Chloe now goes to class on Wednesday nights.  Today was even tougher because my husband was working, and the baby had to go to a babysitters.  I did make it to two separate Walgreens though, and made $7 profit off each transaction.  I even managed to find the elusive water filter...! 

I now have $30 in register rewards that I need to use up in two weeks' time.  I sure hope there are some sweet deals for 9/21 - 9/27...!  Either way, I only spent $9.54 (including tax) to acquire those $30, so I wouldn't feel too terrible if I just went in and blew it all on diapers or something.  And you have to remember that I did get 9 Robitussins from paying $9.54 as well. 

What am I going to do with nine Robitussins when this household is made up of a baby who can't take them yet, a mommy who can't take them because she's feeding the baby, and a daddy who never gets sick?  Well, they're all going to the USO.  I think.  If they'll take them.  Our health-care plans pay for all medicines, so there might be a chance that the USO won't take them.  In that case, I'll start looking around for a church.  Anyway, here is the load that I'm taking to the USO tomorrow:

It's a lot of stuff because unfortunately I haven't been able to make it there lately.  They hold some weird hours, which actually makes sense though because they would want to be open after the sailors got off work...not during their work-hours.  But the downside for me is that after all the sailors get off work and the USO opens up, my hungry sailor is trying to get off that base as fast as humanly possible and refusing to make a stop anywhere

I'm hoping to be able to drop it off before the end of the week, and if all else fails I'm going to have to resort to leaving it outside their closed door.  I'm not sure if they'll take the medicine-y things, considering they don't have to pay for their prescriptions...but then again, it might easier for them to have instant access to those instead of having to trump on over to be seen.  Oh well, I'll take them all and let the ladies there decide.

I really wouldn't care less if the volunteers took them for themselves.  If getting a bottle of Robitussin or Excedrin keeps the volunteers happy enough to keep coming back to volunteer, the sailors still end up benefiting from it all in the end, so I'm happy with it.  Yes, sailors need love, but volunteers need love too!

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