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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Guess Her Weight winners...!

Sorry, but those were the best pictures I could get of wiggling footsies.  They just do not stop moving.  Not even when the owner of those adorably little toes is sound asleep sucking on her hand.  Yes, her whole hand. 

Anyway, now for the big announcement.  The little princess weighs...10lbs 3 oz!  The closest guess was 10lbs 4oz, made by Lisa.  Yes, she is on the lighter side for a 4 month old, but mommy is petite so it only makes sense that the little darling is petite also.  We got a clean bill of health from the doctor, so it doesn't matter if we're a bit smaller than everyone else.  It makes us just that much cuter. 

Our random winner by is #52, which just so happens to be Pat. 

Congratulations to both winners, and please contact me soon so I can get your prizes to you! 

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