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Monday, September 8, 2008

Walgreens loves to pay me

On Sunday, we went to Walgreens to take advantage of their Robitussin moneymaker. Their Robitussin is currently on sale for $3.99, and combined with the $3/1 printable coupon, it comes out to $2.97 plus tax for 3 bottles of Robitussin. And it gets even better, because when you buy 3 of them, you'll get back $10 in Register Rewards for the next time!

Well, besides the $7 profit that I legitimately made, Walgreens nearly gave me free money again. When I went to pay for the Robitussin, somehow the system thought I had only bought 2 instead of 3 (even though he scanned and I payed for 3), so it spit out $5 in RR. The cashier thought I just got lucky and got a $5 coupon, so he called the manager over and told him my $10 RR didn't print.

The manager got the $10 to print, and then I told him about the mysterious $5 RR and he explained that there was probably a system error and it thought I bought 2 when I had actually bought 3, and he took the $5 RR back.

Now, you must think that I'm absolutely nuts to be happy that I lost $5, but those $5 were not rightfully mine. I know I didn't steal them or acquire them in a dishonest fashion, but I still feel bad just taking it. It's a different story if I pointed it out to the manager and he said to take it anyway, but to me not saying anything is just as bad as reaching over and grabbing $5 out of the cash register.

I've been given free money three times in the past month, and I talked about how uneasy and guilty it made me feel. A part of me knows that they were store mistakes out of my control and that I did not facilitate it in any way...I even pointed out their mistake...but I just can't shake that guilty feeling. We're not in any position to be refusing money or to be giving it away, but at the same time we're not going to let our financial situation compromise our character or values. I would rather be able to sleep peacefully at night than have $5 in RR.

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