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Friday, September 26, 2008

Walgreens Double Dip Madness results

I have got to be the first one to take advantage of the Walgreens Double Dip days...I was in there at the unholy hour of 6:15 AM.  I'm not such a Walgreens fanatic that I woke up early to take advantage of the double dipping, but it was either double dip at Walgreens or sit at home downing 10 pots of coffee

Anyway, for the most part everything went according to my plan.  Except that the Glade scented oil candle holder was $6.99 at my store instead of the expected $5.99.  Also, after closer examination of the Garnier Fructis coupon on page 7 of October's ESR, I realized that I had to buy the 25.4 oz shampoo or conditioner for $7.29, instead of grabbing the cheapest thing that they had.  I'm not sure if the coupon would work for other Garnier Fructis items, but it was only a difference of $0.90 on all three so I decided not to take on the experiment so early in the morning.

There is some good news though, because the Pert Plus was on sale for $3.49 at my store.  I'll be getting $3.49 back from rebates, but I had $3 worth of coupons for it.  Money maker!  If you're interested in the specifics, here's my edited receipt from Walgreens:

I will be getting a total of $15.49 back from rebates: $10.00 from Garnier Fructis (September rebate #12), $3.49 from Pert Plus (September rebate #41), and $2.00 from Glade (October rebate #31).  That brings my total OOP to $7.57 after rebates, which is definately not bad considering one package of Charmin alone costs $6.49. 

I'm hoping that my good shopping luck will carry over to the commissary, seeing as how I have to make a trip today.  It's either do it today or do it over the weekend.  The baby isn't going to magically get better overnight nor will my husband magically not have work, so we might as well do it on a day where we won't be mowed down by shopping carts. We'll see how it goes...!


Patricia said...

Great double dipping trip!

And yes,I think you do deserve a reward. I was still dreaming when you went :)

Mrs. J said...

That is so cool! We were supposed to go in at mindight and we were already in car but went back home right away due to heavy rain (storm perhaps) and it was starting to flood. DH still wanted to go there but I just wanted to go home for safety. If it wasn't for the rain, I'll be there first lol. I'm still waiting for DH and we'll go there this afternoon. Crossing my fingers they'll still have stocks!

My Precious Pennies said...

If I had a choice I would have dreaming too...! I like sleep. It's one of my talents. I'm really good at it. But I really need more practice...a lot more practice!

Rhonda Parker said...

Wow, that's fabulous! I need to know how you got the ESC coupons from the October catalog? Do they have them out at your store, or do you print them out online? Thanks!


rhonda dot parker dot dgs dot ca dot gov

Melissa said...

see my prices were different too! The shelf said $3.49 for Pert and rung up as $3.79. The manager was helping me get both the coupons in because I went at MIDNIGHT that's right I was done 6 hours before you believe it or not! Anyway Also the Glade spray was $3.99 instead of $2.99! Plus the Herberts bars were $1.99 each not 2/$3 so I paid 2/99cents basically. oh well.

Also because of the way the manager had the cashier ring up my Pert and the Antacid I'm not sure if I'll get my ESR at all and if I do will it be at the discounted price? oh well.. I still got a ton of stuff for a pretty good price and most of it is Christmas gifts anyway! :)

Nancy said...

Hi, my Walgreens had the garnier for 6.99 a bottle but they had a special freebie jar of the deep conditioning with it so I got two for one - had the 3.00 off coupon and an additional 1.00 off coupon. In the bottom of the package was another 1.00 off coupon and a free sample! I hit the jackpot on that one plus qualified for the 10.00 back on rebate!

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