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Friday, September 26, 2008

Midnight ER trip

Update: We still have no idea (and probably never will) about what caused the swollen eye and hives.  Her eye is still a bit swollen, and the doctor prescribed some stronger-than-benadryl stuff that is pretty up there on the drowsy scale.  I feel bad for saying this, because it's not like I enjoy my kid being doped up, but it's a sanity-saver because hubby is working all weekend.  Sleeping baby = sane mommy.  So I might not be completely disappeared this weekend after all. 

Last night at around 1am we had to take the little princess to the ER because her left eye was swollen shut and she was covered with hives. Allergic reaction of some kind, apparently. What she's allergic to is anyone's guess. They sent us home after a dose of benadryl at 3am with orders to go see her pediatrician ASAP. It's currently 5:30am and her eye is still swollen shut, although her hives have died down a bit.

I'm waiting for her pediatrician's sick call hours at 7:30am, but needless to say I'm going to be a bit busy this weekend. So if I disappear completely, you know why.

Granted, the funny side of this is I'm going to head off to Walgreens for some Double Dip Madness as soon as I'm done with this post. Why am I going off to Walgreens at 5:30am? Well, I need something to do to fill up the next 2 hours because if I go back to bed I will not get up in time to make sick call hours. So I think I can officially say that I will be the first one to do some double dipping!

Do I get an award or something for that? Trophy? A medal maybe? No? Okay...I'll settle for a nanny or something to come take care of my kid while I battle the stomach-bug-plague-from-hell...I can dream!

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