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Friday, September 26, 2008

Commissary record: $35.30 savings (45%)!!

What you see there on my poor little 35" table is $81.42 worth of stuff that I bought for $46.12.  I broke my own record toward and saved 45% at the commissary!  And the amazing thing is that I did it along with a sick baby in tow in under one hour.  Believe it or not, I actually only needed four things for all of next week's meals, so the majority of my shopping was for my stockpile.  Either way, I still managed to stay under my budget of $50 a week for the commissary.  Here is the (rather long) breakdown:

6 Old El Paso soft/hard tacos ($0.75 each): $4.50
4 Old El Paso refried beans ($0.60 each): $2.40
5 Old El Paso taco sauce ($0.40 each): $2.00
4 Pillsbury brownie mix ($0.75 each): $3.00
7 Barilla pasta ($0.89 each): $6.23 We needed only 1 pack of pasta this week, so the other 6 are for the stockpile.
2 Reznuit starter kits ($3.79 each): $7.58
3 Febreeze starter kits ($5.46 each): $16.38
1 Moist & Tasty dog food: $3.49 They're supposed to be toppings for meals or something, but I use them as training treats for Chloe.
1 Surf detergent: $3.49
5 Pillsbury pizza crust ($1.69 each): $8.45
1 box of margarine sticks: $0.99
2 tubs of ice cream ($2.99 each): $5.98
1 pack of chicken breasts: $2.65 Needed this week.
1 box of bread crumbs: $0.83 Maybe needed - I forgot to check before I left, so better safe than sorry.
3 Sauve shampoo/conditioners ($0.79 each): $2.37
1 pack of pork chops: $4.70 Needed this week, but we'll only use half the pack.
1 bag of potatoes: $2.50 I think I needed a single potato or something.
Merchandise total: $77.54 + $3.88 surchage = $81.42

Coupons (All were mfg coupons by the way, & none were commissary store-only types)
5 Free sauce w/ purchase of 2 Old El Paso products (-$0.40 each): $-2.00 This was a box peelie.
1 $0.40/1 Surf/All mfg coupon: -$0.40
1 $0.40/1 Pillsbury brownie coupon: -$0.40
2 $4.00/1 Reznuit starter kit: -$8.00
1 $2.00/1 Moist & Meaty: -$2.00
3 $5.00/1 Febreeze starter kit: -$15.00
5 $1.10/1 Pillsbury pizza crust: -$5.50
1 $2.00/3 Sauve products: -$2.00
Total coupons savings: $35.30

The commissary is having some really good sales this period, so I might have to repeat some of this next week though.  Either way, I'm very happy with my $35.30 savings!  Unfortunately'll have to go towards our fast food junkie-type habits.  Oh well!  You win and you lose some!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I have never done that well at the commissary. When I am really working at coupons the most I will get is about 25%

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