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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thrift Store maddness

Can you believe that I got all of the above for $2? Yes, TWO bucks. As in 8 quarters. Or 20 dimes. I made a stop at the thrift store on base again, and struck gold. I go so much that the ladies there knew I was going to back and saved the shoe that I lost last week for me. I love them. I think I need to bring them cookies.

The Shrek toy was just too cute, and in too great of a condition, to pass up. It's still in all of its packaging and I figured I could gift it to someone for Christmas. My husband has a nephew that just adores him and loves Shrek so much that as a result, my husband can now recite the entire movie. So we'll probably end up sending it to him. It's never too early to start Christmas-gift gathering.

Then I got a little Halloween hat for the baby, even though she already has not one, but TWO Halloween costumes. I got them for a $1 each at Target at the end of last Halloween - one's a duck, and one's a penguin. But the little hat she can wear in the days beforehand, and it'll still look cute. I also found a little white shirt for her - my latest goal, now that I've gotten my diaper covers, is to find her shirts that are NOT pink or purple in color. I'm all for dressing her up like a pink princess, but the poor girl needs a break sometime!

And my last victory came with a little sailor dress. I've been seeing them in the NEX, and every time I went to the commissary it took just about everything I had to walk past and not go in to buy one. And good thing I wanted too, because I finally got one in her size for 50 cents. We're going to get family portraits done this weekend, and I had a little outfit with sailboats that she was going to wear for her picture with daddy in his uniform, but this is MUCH better. Then we can compare who's got the cutest bow thingy in the front =P.

It comes out to around 50 cents for each item. No matter how you look at it, I got a GREAT deal. Have I mentioned that I love my thrift store?

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