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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mailbox of Goodies - delayed edition!

This is my Mailbox of Goodies from yesterday. Sorry for the delay, but this "short" week has just been blowing past me. But here are the freebies that I received in my overflowing mailbox yesterday:
  • Baby Phat Seductive Goddess fragrance: it came with a $2 coupon!
  • Beech-Nut Starter Kit (coupons for free cereal & baby food): read my review post about this great company here. True to their word, I received 2 feeding guides, and 3 coupons for completely free Beech-Nut products. Then I got a whole sheet of money saving coupons, and even a magnet on the different feeding stages.
  • Kitchen Idea book by KraftMaid Cabinetry
  • My free subscription of Country Home. I had a small heart attack when it came with a "bill" that was due on 9/11, but then upon closer examination I saw that it was just a "renew your subscription for 3 years and get 3 free subscriptions for your friends!" ad gimmick.
  • Coupon for free bread: this was from a sweepstakes that I entered a long time ago, but our mail got forwarded and I got me some free bread!
I'm expecting an even BETTER Mailbox of Goodies today. We ordered a new phone for my husband on Monday, and it should get here today. It's technically a freebie because they had a web promotion to make the $299.99 phone free (no rebates...just instantly free), and free 2-day shipping. We just had to pay the $18 upgrade fee - we didn't even have to change our plan. Granted, we're now committed to 2 more years with AT&T, but we've had AT&T for about a decade now, so that's not really a big deal.

To build your own Mailbox of Goodies, check out the latest editions to my "incoming freebies" list to the right:
Make sure you enter this week's giveaway to beef up your mailbox with $100 in coupons and a personalized surprise. There are 2 prizes to win this week, so don't miss out. Congratulations to last week's winner, Esha! She got $100 in coupons and a personalized surprise, so if you entered but didn't win, make sure you enter this week's giveaway for your second (or third) chance!

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