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Friday, September 12, 2008

The Friday Declutter challenge: kitchen!

Like the new button for the declutter challenge?  Yours truly designed it.  I'm by no means a professional - I just took a year of digital art back in the day in high school, and it's always just kind of stuck with me and became a hobby of mine.  I love designing, but unfortunately I have no muse so I can't just sit down at my computer and whip something up just because - I need a purpose and a goal to complete.  So I jumped on the fact that Marcia needed a button for the new Friday Declutter challenge...besides, it was the least I could do for her after she was the driving force behind getting my house looking more like a house and less like a storage unit.

Anyway, this week I decluttered my kitchen.  Our stuff got here on July 14th, and we unpacked the kitchen the very next day on July 15th.  Back then my daughter was only 2 months old and I hadn't started pumping milk or anything, so we had absolutely no baby paraphernalia to speak of as far as the kitchen was concerned.  Well, she's now 4 months old and starting baby cereal.  I've also started pumping, and we keep some formula on hand as a "just in case". 

All this new baby stuff have been taking a tour of the kitchen cabinets for the past couple of weeks.  They would start off on the counter, and then when I couldn't stand the clutter anymore, I would open a random cabinet and shove them in.  Well, needless to say, they would get in the way a couple days later, and then I would open another random cabinet and shove them in there.  Rinse and repeat until the formula ended up on a top shelf that I can't reach, the bottles are next to the Tupperware, the breast pump is next to the plates, and the cereal is stored with my pots and pans. 

Obviously this is ridiculous.  As my daughter grows older, we are just going to get more baby eating stuff, and we can't just keep throwing it random places.  She needs her own shelf in the kitchen cabinets.  I ended up giving her the middle shelf in our "cup" cabinet.  All of our cups fit onto one shelf, and our water bottles fit into it really left the middle shelf wide open.  I was storing my glass bake-ware in there for the moment, but I decided that a better storage place would be the broiler.  So I'll have clutter on my counter-top on the rare occasion that I use the broiler - I think I can live with it. 

What I -really- need is a high chair that comes with a storage cabinet on the bottom, but somehow I don't think it'll happen.  When I was pregnant I had this vision where things would be completely separated in each part of my house.  We'll just have baby stations and baby corners in every room, but for the most part my house was not going to look like a daycare center.  Well, I've since given up hope of that, unless I win the lottery next week and can buy a 12 bedroom house.  It really drives me nuts to see baby stuff everywhere, but maybe the next house we get will be bigger, or just better laid-out, and I can at least dedicate a small section in each room for all that endless baby stuff. 


HDMac said...

Good job with decluttering this week! Feels so good! And I DO love the button that you designed. Great job! Thank you!!!

Marcia said...

AWESOME job on your kitchen. I must say, that's the one room that I get to quickest because stuff out of order in the kitchen drives me BATTY!

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