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Friday, September 12, 2008

Mailbox of Goodies

I've got two Mailbox of Goodies to share with you today - one from Wednesday and one from today.  I didn't receive anything worthy of mention yesterday, which is quite alright.  My poor mailman got a break from having to lug all the random boxes and packages to my door for a day...!

This was my Mailbox of Goodies for Wednesday.  I only requested one of these three goodies - the Casade Complete All-in-1 and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser from Walmart.  And of course, trusty old Walmart sent coupons along with both of them.  I also got an envelope of coupons from a fellow freecycler - oh how I heart freecycle.  That afternoon I also went out to pick up 3 huge bags of 0-6 month old clothing from another freecycler, which was exactly what we needed since my daughter has no clothing that would stand up to the Illinois winter.  After all, the majority of her wardrobe is made up of hand-me-downs from a cousin in Southern California.

My surprise of the day was a package from Febreeze containing my pet gifts for the month.  I forgot how I even got onto their mailing list, but every couple of months Febreeze sends out some gifts for my puppies.  Last time it was a pet carrier...this time it was a food scooper and a collapsible water bowl.  I love Febreeze. 

And here is my mailbox of goodies for today:
Don't forget to check out the "Incoming Freebies" list to the right.  It's updated at least once a day, and is a list of all of the freebies that I've requested but have yet to receive.  When I receive the freebie, I'll remove it from the list and make a "Mailbox of Goodies" posting about it. 

Happy freebie shopping!

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