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Monday, August 11, 2008

Minimizing Monday: Medicine Cabinet

For the most part, we are a healthy bunch. We very rarely get sick, and even when we do, we rarely take medicines. I have a very low tolerance for drowsiness, so even the non-drowsy formula is enough to knock me out for hours. And I'm nursing our baby too, which means the list of medicines I can take is a very short. So when I do get sick, I just let nature take it's course and I don't bother with medicines.

Well, as a result, our medicine cabinet was filled to the brim with unused medicines. In the old house, it actually overflowed and I was storing non-prescriptions and vitamins in my supple closet. In this house, our medicine cabinet is downstairs in the guest bathroom, and since it's off the kitchen, I also decided to put vitamins there.

Oh boy...vitamins...don't get me started. Navy doctors are infamous for over-medicating (they gave my husband a whole bottle of vicodin with 2 refills for an ear infection) , and apparently over-vitamining too. I swear, every time I take my daughter in for a well-baby checkup, or I go to for a women wellness checkup, they throw prenatal vitamins at me with 5 refills. They hand those things out like candy. I threw out a whole bunch, but I decided to keep a couple of bottles so I won't have to get a refill while we're here.

I also combined bottles of pills. We had MANY bottles of Motrin and Tylenol (see previous comment about over-medicating) that had only one or two pills missing, so I combined all these bottles into one. Don't worry - they all had the same expiration date. I also went through out allergy medicines, and our prescription medicines. I threw out a whole bunch of nausea-relieving pills from when I was pregnant, but I kept the labels so the next time around I can tell them what to give to me. We went through pretty much the entire pharmacy before they found something that actually worked, and I'm not keen to repeat that again.

So basically, the vitamins are on the bottom row, the middle row are non-prescription medicines or painkillers, and the top row are a small batch of prescription medicines, my CVS free bandaids, and cough drops. The baby medicine and vitamins I keep in her room so I don't risk the chance of grabbing the wrong med.

I'm pretty happy with it although it's very full - but then again it's not just medicines and includes bandaids and vitamins. I guess today is the day for doing the guest bathroom, because my declutter challenge victim of the day is the linen shelf in this bathroom...

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Kendra at Hand Prints On The Wall said...

Looks great! I'm glad to see that you have taken this challenge head on, and you were able to toss out a bunch of unnecessary stuff! Thanks so much for joining in, and for sharing with us all!! (I love seeing how others have taken the challenge!)

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