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Monday, August 11, 2008

CVS - $5 Charity Challenge & Diaper Deals

I'm going to be trying my hand at the $5 Charity Challenge again this week. I'm a tad confused on who's hosting it originally - all I know is it's now available in 3 different places: Coupon Cravings, BeCentsAble, and Keeping the Kingdom First. And since there's also the Baby items deal, I need to be taking advantage of that with my $1.50/1 Huggies coupons. I'll do the $5 Charity Challenge first:

Buy 1 Alavert (12 - 15ct): $5.99
Buy 2 Colgate Total Toothpaste: $5.98
Buy 1 CVS Brand Mouthwash: $2.49
Subtotal: $14.46
Use $2/$10 CVS coupon (-$2)
Use FREE CVS Mouthwash coupon (-$2.49)
Use $2 off Colgate Toothpaste CRT (-$2)
B1G1 free Colgate promotion (-$2.99)
Total after CVS coupons: $4.98
Use $4/1 Alavert printable (-$4)
Use $1.50/1 Colgate printable (-$1.50)
Grand total: NEGATIVE $0.52 (ECBs returned: $3 from Alavert)

Yes, I know my total is in the negative. This is where I need to go find a candy bar or other filler that's 50 cents. They have some usable items in their dollar section, so even if I spent a dollar or two getting something else that's usable for someone, I will still be far under my $5. I'll probably be paying for this with cash, since the smallest ECB I have is $4.

I would love to make a donation to an animal shelter, but they're not exactly dog-friendly items. And since we just moved here, I have no idea who's out here. What I would love to do is to be able to make a donation via paypal to the shelter back in California where I adopted my two dogs, but that's unrelated to this charity challenge. So I guess what I'll be doing instead is dropping these things off at the USO or some other place on base. Whether they give them to sailors here or ship them off in care packages, I don't really care - as long as someone who can use it is getting it.

Now onto my diaper/baby item deal on page 15 of the ad. It's a buy $25 and get $5 back deal, and the Huggies jumbo pack is included. Here's what I plan to be getting:

Buy 3 Huggies jumbo pack ($8.99 each)
Subtotal: $26.97
Use $2/$10 CVS coupon (-$2)
Use 3 $1.50/1 Huggies coupons from mailers (-$4.50)
Total: $20.47 (use $10, $5, and $4.99 ECBs, pay $0.48 OOP)
ECBs returned: $5
Caregiver's Marketplace Rebate ($1 per Huggies pack): $3 by mail-in rebate
Grand Total after ECBs returned and rebates: $12.47

$12.47 for 3 packs of diapers is not bad at all. That means I'll get 132 diapers for less than 9 cents each. Definitely a good price.

Tomorrow I'm going to be running my errands, but I'm going to try and find a different CVS to go. The CVS I went to last week was the closest to our house, but the neighborhood it's in really made me feel uncomfortable, as well as the people loitering out in the parking lot. I have my pink pepper spray now, but I would still rather spend more money in gas and go to a CVS in a nicer part of town.

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Megan said...

Awesome deals and I love teh name of your blog!

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