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Monday, August 11, 2008

First round of Freebies

Today I got my first batch of freebies in this new house...yay! Last week I mentioned some freebie safety tips, including using a fake name, and there's another great benefit other than safety. I use our dog's name and a common misspelling of our last name, and when things come in the mail under that name, I know that it's from a freebie I requested. If I start receiving spam under that name, I can pinpoint where the spam started.

Here are the freebies that I got today...they have been removed from the "Incoming Freebies" list on the right since they are no longer incoming

DuraLabel sample: I originally requested this freebie because they showed a caution sign in their sample pack, and I thought it'd be fun to use it on our patio door so we can stop humans and dogs alike from slamming into it. Well, the actual pack I got was different, so this was a waste. Oh well.
NatureMade Vitamins: I LOVE these little vitamin bottles...they are just the cutest things ever! They look really good in gift baskets!
Doggy DGP vitamins: I requested these for Chip since he takes Cosequin right now for his knees, but these vitamins are just too expensive for us to even be able to consider them. It did come with an old copy of the Whole Dog Journal though - I love it, but at $5.95 each it's just too much of a splurge.
Playtex sport: Sample from Walmart that came with a $1 coupon inside!

I can't wait for more freebies to arrive in my mailbox!

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