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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Face Time with the Kids...update

Last week, I talked about how I planned on spending more time with my baby with my husband's help. On some nights, it worked like a charm, while others it failed miserably. It didn't depend so much on whether or not he had a tough day - it had more to do with the nature of the task. Basically if he had a task that had him occupied in another room, it worked out fine. If his task brought him to the same room that we were in, it didn't work out so well.

The nights were I had him doing the dishes worked out great, but the nights that I had him helping with the laundry was a different story, because he would inevitably get distracted and join in the playing. Definitely nothing wrong with that, but the laundry would be left unfolded and I would end up letting him finish the playtime and folding it myself. All-in-all though, I did manage to spend a lot more baby-only time with our daughter, and I am sure she enjoyed the extra undivided attention.

This week, the recommendation is to include the kids in cooking time, which is fine and dandy except for the fact that she is only 3 months old. However, now that she's older and enjoys being propped upright, she joins me in "cooking" by sitting in her bumbo seat on the kitchen table. Our table is only 35" in diameter, so when it comes time for actual dinner we have to put her bumbo on a TV tray, but she enjoys sitting at the table with mommy and daddy and making faces at us.

For this week, I think I will move her bumbo seat to the kitchen counter and let her play with our food. She's starting to grab at rattles and such, so I plan to let her touch and feel some of the veggies or pasta before I cook them. I'm not letting her touch raw meat though, because at any given time she has a hand in her mouth. There are plenty of clean and safe things for her to grab at while I cook - string beans, tube pasta, a this stage she's still content with just grabbing onto things (like my hair), but she's not onto shoving them into her mouth yet, so for now I think it's safe for her to play with our food.

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