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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekly Savings & Coupon News

Before I give you the goodies, I want to tell you that the first week in February I will be traveling. I won't have anything to contribute live but will do what I can to set up a couple of auto posts. I'll be going to celebrate oldest grandson's birthday. He'll be 7 years old next Saturday.

I posted the Target Coupon Match-Ups for this week. It was only about 3 1/2 pages this week but still some nice savings. Most of the Target stores are at 75% on toy clearance, clothing and many other items. People are doing all of their '09 Christmas and birthday shopping now.

I participate in the BeCentsable Grocery Gathering. If you didn't know it existed, you should visit and check it out. Several bloggers contribute their coupon match-ups to about every grocery store in the United States. You'll also find the match-ups for the drug store chains too.

2009 Coupon Insert Schedule and Info was just posted too. I put this together so that you can easily see what coupon inserts will be included with your Sunday newspapers. If you have a Dollar Tree in your area, visit them and get spare copies for $1.00 each to get your multiples

Kmart is Doubling Coupons Up To $2.00 again this week. Over the last several weeks when they have done this, there have always been limits to how many you can use per transaction or per day. Be sure to call your local store to see if they are participating because not all stores do from my reading.

If you haven't heard, Circuit City is closing their remaining 567 stores. The website will close 1/18 (today). If you have any Circuit City gift cards, visit the stores to liquidate them on something you can use. If nothing else, get paper, pens, blank CDs, mouse pads etc.

And, if you haven't used the banner you may not know that there are several $2.00 off coupons for DVDs from Twentieth Century Fox. Rita has a banner at the very bottom of her blog and a small one in the right sidebar. Please support her by clicking on the banners to print all of these coupons and many great grocery coupons. Every time you click print, you are supporting her with a small but important payment.
$2 - An Affair to Remember
$2 - The Devil Wears Prada
$2 - Ever After
$2 - Lars and the Real Girl
$2 - Moulin Rouge
$2 - Mr. and Mrs. Smith
$2 -The Princess Bride
$2 - Romeo and Juliet Music Edition
$2 -Say Anything
$2 -When Harry Met Sally
If you happen to like trivia, I publish updates for daily, weekly and monthly trivia. I also publish the code words for Cosmo and Seventeen magazine. Several of our readers have won many times. Please visit to see what I offer.

Coupons Rebates & Refunds


Jenny said...

I am so bummed that my Kmart isn't participating in the double coupon event.

We did go to Circuit City today. DH found a hard drive that was on a shelf marked $89.99. The tag on the shelf matched the item. However, when he got to the checkout, it came up as $139.99. He told them that's not what the shelf said, but the lady said the price is what it rings up as plus 10% off.

So, that confirms my belief that they always up the prices before doing liquidation sales.

He left without it.

allhailqueenmommy said...

Came across your blog today for the first time and I LOVE it. Lots of information to process. When my blog is more up to date with a brand new design and such, I'll have to grab your button!

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