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Friday, January 16, 2009

Quick note

Just a quick note to let you all know that I didn't freeze to death in the sub-zero temperatures here. I've been working overtime trying to find a house, and I must say that it's looking good so far. We have found 11 houses that fit our criteria and price range, and my father-in-law is going to see them on our behalf this weekend.

If everything checks out, hopefully we'll be able to put down an offer and have it accepted by the end of next week, which leaves a total of 3 weeks for the closing process before we hop into town. I'm praying and wishing that it will work out this way, because then we wouldn't be homeless for weeks on end staying in some hotel.

And in case anyone is wondering, buying a house online is possible. We used the wonderful website It requires that you sign up (it's free), and then you're assigned an agent, but you're under no obligation at all to use that agent. We're using an agent that we found through Military Moving Station. I also suggest using google maps - once you type in an address, for certain locations you will be able to see a street view. It's like taking a drive down the actual road, and you can "drive" around a corner or "drive" out to the main road. It was a priceless tool for us to see the surrounding neighborhoods.

And while we're doing all of this, it ends up that we're going to have to move ourselves. The military is compensating us for it, and advancing us most of the money, but this is a BIG deal. When we've moved in the past, they hired a moving company to pack EVERYTHING and load it into a truck. I literally didn't have to lift a finger. This time around, we're responsible for packing everything AND load it into a container. Then the company will drive it, and at destination we need to unload everything.

Packing everything is going to be challenge, especially with the baby. Loading everything is going to be a bigger challenge, considering that the snow comes up to my knees in certain places, and it's constantly negative 20-something.

The actual move is going to be a PAIN, but we're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and with a little luck we'll be able to get there safe, sound, and sane in a month...and then I can get back to blogging in full force. I have REALLY missed blogging and sharing awesome freebies and deals, but this ordeal is nearly over...!


kd said...

Although it sounds like you have your house hunting system down just fine, I'd also suggest for San Diego real estate. It has amazing data available and you can get a rebate (I think it's 50%) on the agent's commission. Basically that's because *you* find the house (no agent sends you lists and lists of homes or gives you info about this area or that up front) but for several thousand dollars (for the right client), it can be worth it.

Thrifty and Chic Mom said...

Good luck with everything!

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