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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sassy Clink 'n Chew Keys - a review

One of the presents that we received at the baby shower for the little princess was a set of Clink 'n Chew Keys by Sassy. The recommended age is 6+ months, so they've been sitting at the back of the closet until recently. And she really does love these keys. They produce a real-sounding jingling key sound, and there are two buttons on the "remote" that makes either an engine starting noise or a honking sound. The actual keys are full of different textures, so not only is it fun but it's also good for baby...or so I thought.

One day when I went to take my baby out of her car seat, I found blue spots on her nose and lips. At first I had no idea what in the world this was, until my eyes went to set of Sassy Clink 'n Chew Keys in her hands.

Mind you, she's only been playing with them for a month. Considering the recommended age is "6+ months" and the name of the toy is "Clink 'n CHEW keys", it's to be expected that babies are going to chew on them. I am so disappointed that the paint flaked after only a month of play.

When I emailed Sassy requesting a refund, I was contacted by a consumer relations representative the next day and offered a replacement. According to Sassy, they only use "safe non-toxic materials", and all of their products "meet and exceed all safety standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM)". That's great and all, but paint is paint and I would rather my child NOT ingest paint, no matter how safe and non-toxic it is.

Sassy says that they will be sending me a set of "new revised keys that do not have any paint on them", and they will also be sending a postage-paid envelope for me to send the defective toy back for a Quality Control inspection.

It's great that Sassy is offering a replacement, but I have to admit that I have my doubts on the replacement keys and any other Sassy products. We're not talking about a pair of toy keys that I picked up at some garage sale. We're talking about a toy purchased brand new less than a year ago that has become a hazard in under 1 month of play. I don't care how many standards and tests they've exceeded at, but they have certainly failed my expectations.


Lisa said...

Wow, atlest they are reacting to your email and doing something about it.
Sorr to hear about the paint comming off tho.

mei said...

sorry about the paint. we had a similar issue with the hanging monkeys. i got this chew toy that had three monkeys hanging from a banana for a shower gift. it was also made by Sassy. My child chewed on it at 6 months an the paint from the monkeys came off in his lips. i was very upset an threw the toy away. i freaked about the paint as the toy was made in china. wish i thought to send a note to the company. glad you did. i would check all Sassy toys before you give them to your child

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

This is so scary. When my son was an infant lots of his toys, from Sassy and other companies, used to do this during his everything in the mouth stage. This was pre-lead paint in China hysteria so I wasn't overly worried.

Now that kind of stuff scares me to death. I need to have my son tested for lead poisoning. SO scary!

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