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Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Catalog: Marshalls

The CHRISTMAS CATALOG is all about making Christmas shopping easy, and one of my favorite places to shop is Marshalls

Marshalls carry brand names and designer products at a fraction of the price.  They are able to offer such tremendous saving because sometimes department stores overbuy and designers overproduce.  Marshalls negotiate prices on that overstock, and are able to bring the same merchandise to shoppers for a much cheaper price. 

Not only is Marshalls a great place to save on quality brand-name merchandise, it's also a treasure cove of many different items.  Marshalls gets more than 10,000 new items every week, so every single time you shop you are quite literally walking into a different store.  Merchandise at Marshalls is always rotating, so if you see something that you like...grab it before it disappears!

On my most recent trip to Marshalls, I bought the Safari Roller by Infantino and a duck breakfast set.  The Infantino Safari Roller retails for $10.99 at Toys "R" Us, and I got it at the deal price of $6.99.  The breakfast set was just so cute that I had to get it, and it was an awesome deal at just $4.99, compared to the regular retail price of $10.  It would make for an awesome gift, if I didn't like it so much that I decided to keep it.

I love shopping at Marshalls because I can find something for just about everyone.  I love browsing their home decor department, because they have so many unique and quality pieces.  I remember one year I bought a model sailing ship for $20 for my best friend and his family from Marshalls, and to this day he tells me that they still get compliments on it.

If you're tight on time and money this Christmas, be sure to stop by Marshalls - it's a truly one-stop shop for everyone on your list! 

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Candi said...

I love Marshall's! I can't begin to tell you about all of the great deals I've gotten there. I also love their sister store T. J. Maxx and Ross.

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