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Saturday, December 13, 2008

$0.40 Lambie!

After the little princess' Gymboree class this afternoon, I braved the Christmas crowds and stopped by Bath and Body works to pick up my free Little Lambie.  Until tomorrow, you can get a free 6" Little Lambie with ANY purchase by printing and using this coupon in-store. 

There is no minimum purchase required, so I picked up at $1.50 nail file.  This would have been a pretty sweet deal already, but the nail file was 75% off, making it a grand $0.37!

After tax, I paid $0.40 for a nail file and a Lambie.  This new cheapie Lambie will be a fine addition to my Lambie Army.


The Lady Riposter said...

Okay, you've convinced me to start a Lambie army of my own. I need to go out tomorrow and it turns out there's a BBW in the mall next to where I need to go. I'm sure I'll find something to buy!

The Lady Riposter said...

Today I got two lambies, a pair of the soft socks and a candle for $6.95 total. It took two transactions. The lambies are on sale for $3 at my store, the socks were on sale for 50% off and I had a coupon for a free item up to $13 with any purchase. I think I got a good deal! Thanks for inspiring me!

Rita @ My Precious Pennies said...

OOo! GREAT deal! I'm waiting for the Lambie blankets and slippers to go on sale after Christmas. My store had the Lambie blankets at 50% off (so $17), but I KNOW they'll be cheaper soon.

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