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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Menu Plan for 11-9 to 11-15

complete with recipes & my shopping list

Total cost of food (my menu items list): $15.54
Click to see the details of my commissary shopping trip

I skipped menu planning last week since we were messing around with a new schedule, and a week later, we still have no idea what's going on.  However, I pulled up a menu plan regardless.  We have to eat - that's a non-negotiable.  But, when I make "dinner" and when we eat is negotiable.  It's better to have a plan in place and deviate from it if necessary, then to have nothing at all. 

This week's menu planning took probably 20 minutes, and that's with a new sale period at the commissary, so I guess I must be doing something right with this menu planning system.  Most of my meals are easy under 30 minutes type of stuff.  This week is absolutely crazy since we've got something going on pretty much every day, and that's on top of still trying to figure out hubby's crazy schedule.  And we might end up going to the baby's specialist, which is pretty much a whole-day thing. 

Now that I think about it...maybe I shouldn't have made a menu plan for this week at all, considering it looks like we might even have time to eat...

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Sherry said...

Great looking meal plan! :D The peking chicken sounds delish!

I'm new to your blog. I'm also a military wife. :D

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