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Monday, November 3, 2008

No menu plan?

For those of your observant types, you might have noticed that today is Monday and I still haven't shared a menu plan.  That's because I didn't make one this week.

No, the world is not ending, and hell has not frozen over.  There will be a menu plan in the coming weeks - this week is just a bit crazy, thanks to the good old inconsiderate crazy monsters Navy. 

My husband's work schedule has COMPLETELY changed.  He used to wake up before the crack of dawn, but for the most part he'd be home in time for dinner.  Well, now some ingenious soul decided to switch them all over to a night schedule - meaning he leaves for work in the afternoon and comes home at MIDNIGHT.

This new schedule certainly has some benefits - I get to wake up next to my wonderful husband instead of a Chloe dog (I love you, Chloe, I just love him more.  Sorry).  He also gets to go to pediatrician appointments with the princess, and generally we'll be able to do more as a family during the daylight hours.  We might even be able to go to Gymboree together in the mornings!  Imagine THAT!  And he'll actually be coming home on time for once.  When he used to get off in the evenings, sometimes they'll find the WEIRDEST reasons for delaying everyone - a few minutes, or sometimes even hours.  However, at midnight I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing a lot less of that nonsense.

The downside is that dinner is now a real brain scratcher.  We have no idea what we're going to do for dinner.  I might cook dinner in the mornings and just leave it for dinner that night.  Or, we might start planning huge lunches and just have him take a sandwich or something as a snack.  This week is all about experimenting, so that's why there's no menu plan.

Once I figure out what we're doing in terms of food, I'll be back to menu planning.  For now, everyday is an exciting experiment.  One thing's for never gets boring in our house!


Amber R said...

I feel your pain. I was a Navy wife for a while, and we had to deal with the weird schedules as well. I figured out that what worked best for us was to cook a large lunch and freeze enough for a second meal. This made sure my husband took a nutritional meal with him, as well as making sure that the baby and I ate well too. I was nursing our youngest at the time, and did not want to cook for one. I would only send the meal after a week or so in order to prevent burnout. Hope this helps, and good luck!

Ginger said...

Ahhhhhh, the adventures. It is all about the adventures! Embrace them when you can and know that all things will change just when you are use to it. Not cynical --- just totally realistic!

Ginger :)

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