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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Menu Plan for 11-16 to 11-22

complete with recipes & my shopping list

Total cost of food (my menu items list): $41.48
Click to see the details of my commissary shopping trip

No, I'm not cooking some big huge gourmet meal.  We ran out of rice and ended up getting a 20lb bag of rice.  We're also having a lot of meaty meals this week (meat totals $18.24), and I'm planning for huge meals since hubby is working 4 days next week and we need tons of leftovers.  I honestly don't think we're going to stick to the menu plan much this week since it's such a crazy week full of random appointments and continuing schedule changes at hubby's work, but it's better to have one than to try and wing it.  When we try to wing it, we end up going to get fast food way too much.  

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