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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Commissary savings of 3%

I have a record LOW for commissary savings - a whopping 3%. Granted, this was because this is the second week of the sale period and I just didn't really need anything else, so all we did was purchase our menu items.

Menu Items
3 2-packs of baby food ($0.92 each): $2.76
1 can of bamboo shoots: $0.48
1 can of water chestnuts: $0.49
2 jars of Smuckers jam ($1.50 each): $3.00
20lb bag of jasmine rice: $15.99
2lb package of boneless skinless chicken breasts: $3.02
4lb baby back ribs: $6.83
4lb ground meat: $8.39
Ginger root: $0.52
Total cost for week's menu: $41.48
Pesky surcharge: $2.07

$0.75/3 Gerber foods (-$0.75)
$0.55/2 Smucker's jam (-$0.55)
Total coupon savings: $1.30 (3% savings)

Obviously we're not going to finish off a 20lb bag of rice in a week, but we ran out and had to get more. A bag of rice can last us a LONG time, so technically this was a stockpile item. We also got an extra pound of meat since we have such a crazy week next week - if things get out of control we can always make some Hamburger Helpers instead.

I'm well aware that I can make my own baby food, but for now we're going with Gerber because we're still trying out new favors. Once I find out what she likes for sure, I'll start making my own food. So far we've had sweet potato, peaches, and applesauce. We like the sweet potato, hate the peaches, and LOVE the applesauce. The strangest thing is that she HATES the rice baby cereal, but if I let her nibble some rice from my bowl, she loves it. I'm experimenting with this rice gruel thing tonight.

See...a 20lb bag of rice will go a LONG way here =P

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