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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Snapfish: penny prints

Use the code FALLPENNY08 to get 50 4x6 mail-order prints for just a penny each. And if you enter the Gap Casting Call, you will also get a coupon code for a free 8x10! Hurry though, because the penny coupon code is only good until Saturday 10/11!i

: I placed my order this afternoon for 50 prints, and ended up paying $3.97 OOP after S&H.  It comes out to about $0.07 per print, which isn't too bad.

Also, Snapfish is not like Shutterfly where you can stack coupon codes to your heart's desire.  They allow one coupon code per order only, which really kind of stinks because I'll have to pay separate shipping charges if I want my free 8 x 10.  That's okay, I don't want it that bad.  I'll just wait for a truly free offer to roll around.  I'm not worried since it's nearing Christmas time and there's sure to be plenty of codes to be had.

And in case you're wondering what I for my 50 penny prints...I made a set of Halloween photo cards and a set of Thanksgiving photo cards to send out to family.  I have 24 families on my mailing list, so I went ahead and got 25 of each type.  I made these photo cards in Photoshop, and after about an hour of work, I have 2 professional-looking photo cards.  The best part is I will pay $0.07 each and not the ridiculous $1.50 or even $2.00 each.  I also love the freedom that I had in designing my own cards - I could have it say whatever I want, and include as many pictures as I want. 

It pays to mess around with Photoshop!

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