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Friday, October 3, 2008

Petsmart $/$$ coupons

If you're needing some pet care item, this would be a good week to go get them. Petsmart has some $/$$ coupons that are good until October 5th. However, I've heard from others that Petsmart will accept their own store coupon after the expiration date. In fact, I used an expired coupon earlier this month - I guess it just depends on your store.

The coupons are for good $15/$50, $10/$40, or $5/$25. It's a great deal if you need to get a big bag of dog food...if your bag of food is $40, find some $10 treats or toys to make your total $50, but you'll still be paying $35. That's what we'll be doing this weekend. Don't forget that you an stack manufacturer's coupons to maximize your savings!

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