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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Menu Plan Monday: 10/12 - 10/18

UPDATE: Thanks to Jenny and PrimoPDF, I have been able to upload a version of my menu plan, complete with fonts & stylings!  YAY!

complete with recipes & shopping list!

Total cost of food (by menu items list): $15.71
This is how much it cost me to buy my missing ingredients. I only had 7 missing ingredients, so your cost may be higher depending on what you have on hand. Check out my commissary shopping trip breakdown for complete details.

This is the second week of menu-planning with this new template. Last week was my first week, and since I designed the template in the same setting I wasn't sure how long the whole process took. Well, this week it took me about 30 - 45 minutes to finish the entire process. This still seems like a long time to me and I hope to shorten it a bit, which will inevitably happen with time as our favorite recipes get entered into the computer and it's a simple matter of copy and paste. This week the entire menu is made up of "paper" recipes which I had to type in, so I'm sure the time would have been shorter if I just looked up recipes online.

I'm willing to sacrifice the time though because last week was so much easier! I was able to just grab my printout and go! And my husband liked it too, because if he wanted to help out and cook dinner he'd be able to do so. In the past, he would just know the title of the dish, but have absolutely no idea where to find the actual recipe.

It's also a new sale period at the commissary, so I'm expecting to save some time next week when I just transfer my sale items list over. I'm also a lot more confident that we have everything that we need - the ingredient checklist is a lifesaver. For example, I thought we didn't have beef broth, but when I took the list into the kitchen and did my 2 minute scavenger hunt, I found some in the fridge. After my scavenger hunt, I am 120% confident that I have everything that I need for next week's menu.

When I was menu-planning by the old system, we would always be missing an ingredient or two. It wouldn't be something major (like forgetting the chicken for Teriyaki Chicken), but it would still be essential to the recipe (like tomato paste for Sloppy Joes, or eggs for fried rice). We ended up substituting things in, but obviously the meal ended up tasting rather weird. It was mainly due to the fact that I didn't have a master list of ingredients for the week and tried to go through my kitchen by memory.


Jenny said...

You can download primopdf (it's free.) Then you send the word doc to the pdf "printer" and it turns whatever would actually print out into a .pdf file. It works pretty slick. I use it ALL of the time!! I hope that helps! Thanks for all you do!

Amber R said...

Just making sure you were ok... No posts since Saturday. :) Hope all is well!

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