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Thursday, October 30, 2008

CVS haul

This is just a tad late, considering I went shopping on Monday. But better late than never! Things didn't go quite as planned...but then again, they never seem to go quite as planned when there are "Sunday and Monday" deals involved. Beyond my candy though, the one thing that they didn't have that I really wanted was the Bic razors that would have been a money-maker at $4.99 with $4 ECB back and my $2 coupon. I'm going back for that one. They also didn't have two of the FAE (Free After ECB) October items either. This is how my ONE transaction ended up happening:

Buy 6 SoyJoy Bars ($1/1): $6.00
Buy 1 CVS Pharmacy Vitamin D-400 (100ct): $2.99
Buy 1 Crest Spinbrush Pro: $4.99
Buy 1 Advil PM Liqui-gels (8ct): $0.99 they only had one
Subtotal: $14.97
Use 2 B2G1 SoyJoy mfg coupon (-$2.58) -$1.29 each! That was the price w/o card.
Use $2/1 Crest printable (-$2.00)
Use $2/1 Advil printable (-$0.99 ADJUSTED) They've never done this before!!!
Grand total: $9.40 (use $0.99 + $7.99 ECB)
OOP: $0.42 + $0.17 tax = $0.59 (on CVS giftcard)
ECBs returned: $4.00 (SoyJoy) + $2.99 (Vitamin monthly October deal) + $2.00 (Crest) = $8.99

In case you're wondering where I got my $25 CVS giftcard, it was a prize from Carrie over at Money Saving Methods for winning her September Raffle. So far, in the two weeks that I've had it, I've used a grand $2.62. I am so very interested in just seeing how long $25 will go at CVS. At my current average of $1.30 a week, it should last another 19 WEEKS!

I failed to "make" money on this transaction, simply because I was counting on the overage from the Advil to cover the $0.99 cost of the Crest Spinbrush after coupon and ECBs. The damage was softened by the fact that they took off $1.29 for each bar instead of $1.00, giving me $0.58 of overage. Granted, I would have preferred my $1.00 overage from the Advil instead.

My CVS has routinely been sold out on "Sunday and Monday" deals. I love them to pieces, but this is starting to get ridiculous. Last week, I headed out around noon and they were out of pumpkin pails already. Granted, this week I headed out on Monday, but it's JUST CVS!!! I really shouldn't have to be there the SECOND that they open in order to take advantage of their advertised deals.

I'm a tad bit disturbed by the adjustment on the Advil coupon. Things will surely get very dim and unexciting at CVS if this is the trend that they are going towards. Has anyone else had this happen to them at their CVS?

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