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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Commissary savings: $13.50 (24%)

I saved a total of $13.50, or 24% at the commissary this week.  This is a far cry from my $30 shopping trips, but I'm still under my $50/week budget.  And if you take a closer look at my shopping list, you will see that the majority of my bill comes from stocking up!

Menu Items

Fresh cauliflower: $1.98
Frozen broccoli: $0.89
Chicken thighs: $2.21
Sweet potatoes: $2.04
1 can black beans: $0.86
3lbs beef eye round roast: $8.16
1 bottle horseradish: $1.37 (even though I only need 1 tbsp)
Total cost for week's menu: $17.51

Sale/Stockpile/Random Items
4 Cream of mushroom soup ($0.50 each): $2.00
8 Chicken/Beef broth ($0.39 each): $3.12 No, it's not some weird chicken & beef broth mixture...I just don't remember how much I got of each type and am too lazy to go look =P.
3 cans of mushroom ($0.69 each): $2.07
7 Chex cereal bar ($1.75 each): $12.25
3 Machuren ramen ($0.22 each): $0.66
4 Top ramen ($0.20 each): $0.80
2 Blistex lip infusion ($0.65 each): $1.30
6 Salami ($1.00 each): $6.00
1 pack of Buddig Deli Cuts 1lb ham: $2.75
1 pack of 2lb sandwich sub met: $3.50
1 decorative cinnamon smelly broom: $3.99
Total stockpiling/misc. cost: $38.44
After coupons: $24.94
Pesky surcharge: $2.80

Use 7 Chex $1.50/1 mfg (-$10.50)
Use 2 B2G1 Salami commissary coupon (-$2.00)
Use 1 $1/1 Buddig Deli Cuts mfg (-$1.00)
Total coupon savings: $13.50 (24% savings)

Hubby announced as I was walking out the door that he needed lunch meat or he was going to die, so I grabbed my entire pile of "meat" coupons and just hoped for the best.  It didn't turn out too bad.  I managed to get some pretty good deals on lunchmeat, and in a hurry too!

It's not the best commissary trip ever, but then again I don't buy $8.00 3 pound beef chunks that often.  We have a total of 4 (count them...FOUR) leftover nights next week, so I wanted to make PLENTY of food to hold us over.  Either way, we're still under budget so it's alright.  But I've really got to stop stocking up on stuff - I'm running out of room! 

If you're wondering what I'm making with those menu items, be sure to check back Monday (or Sunday night) for my weekly Menu Plan!

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ChefDruck said...

Congrats on your savings! And thanks for entering the giveaway on my blog.

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