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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday: TV Trays

When I got our first set of TV trays off craigslist for $10, it was for one purpose and one purpose only - to eat a meal in front of the TV. This was when I was pregnant and the most that I could do on any given day was sit on the couch and press buttons on the remote - and some days not even that. Well, now that I'm not pregnant anymore and we no longer eat ramen dinner in front of the TV, the TV trays have found new purpose in our home.

I call the TV trays my instant tables, because that's what they are when I need just a little bit more room. We have a tiny 35" diameter table, so whenever we have a large dinner with a lot of plates or different sauces, I'll use a TV tray on the side to help out. Or when our daughter is a "sitting mood" during dinner, we'll put her bumbo seat on a TV tray and pull it up by the table. She's not quite ready for a high-chair, and there's no way we can put her bumbo on the dinner table and still have room for food.

I also use the TV trays by my desk. If I have a huge amount of bills or paperwork to sort out, I just pull out a TV tray and set it on the side of my desk for some instant extra working area. I also use one by the actual TV. The corded playstation controller is inches too short, so if you want to play and sit on the couch you'll have to lean forward. Not comfortable in the least. So when I want to play, I'll move the playstation out of the entertainment center and onto the TV tray. It keeps it off the ground away from psycho puppies, and it lets me sit comfortably on the couch. When I'm done, I can just slide the platstation back into the entertainment center and fold the TV tray up.

This Halloween, I'm playing to use a TV tray outside our door for the trick-a-treaters. There is no way in this world that I'm going to answer the door every 5 minutes, what with a baby trying to nap and 2 psycho self-proclaimed guard dogs. I don't even want to imagine the chaos. So what I'll probably do is set a TV tray outside with a bowl of candy and a sign.

For our next move, we're planning to throw two TV trays into the car to take with us. When we get to the empty new house, at least we'll have some raised surfaces and a place to eat that's off the floor until our stuff gets there. I love our TV trays...the surface is big enough for most things, and it folds up nicely to be stored just about anywhere.


Laney said...

Yes, TV trays are almost as handy as duct tape. But I wouldn't risk loosing one (and a whole bowl of candy) to some punk teenagers on Halloween. Either sit out there with it, or turn off all the lights and pretend no one is home.

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Making a House a Home said...

Great tips! I will have to watch for some cheap tv trays. You are very creative!

Quick question-I have always wondered how do you cross out a word in your post? I can't figure it out! Of course, it will be something simple and I will feel silly... ;-)

Veggiemomof2 said...

I love tv trays too. I have one that comes off the legs & works as a serving tray. I love that cuz then if I'm working on scrapbooking in the living room & want to take it to the bedroom with me, I can!

Lainie said...

How funny! My WFMW was about TV trays too! I posted that we use them as a more appropriate size desk for our little one than using the kitchen table. He gets to hang out with the big kids that way but he has much better posture for writing.

I like your idea about using it during parties to add more "service" area! I'll be using that--thank you!

Tammy W said...

I used to use them all the time but they didn't make the last move.....hmmmmm

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