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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The way to a penny pincher's heart...

This past Saturday, we went out to Walgreens to spend some of my $30 RR from the Robitussin deal on two 12 packs of Coke, amongst other things. We absolutely positively love Coke, but I never buy any because it is a "want" and not a "need" in my book. We also go through Coke like nobody's business - we bought two 12 packs on Saturday, today is Tuesday and we're down to one 12 pack already. I wish I could blame my husband entirely for this, but I'm as much of an offender as he is, and the only real way to curb our bordering-on-unhealthy Coke drinking habit is to keep it out of our house. Seriously, the last time I had a soda that was not at a restaurant or fast-food place was in the hospital 4 months ago after I gave birth, and that was a caffeine-free Sprite. But anyway, I had to use up RRs and the coke was on sale at 2/$7.49, so I figured why not?

Well, I should have known better, because my husband calls me from work last night with a proposal. The conversation started with him asking me "Y'know how you can make some money...?". Of course this caught my interest. So I asked him to please share his ingenious extra income idea, which boiled down to buying coke so we can recycle the cans for money.

While that's a great idea and I'm sure that we can recoup some of our cost by recycling cans, it's not like we can effectively set up a soda-buying fund by simply recycling aluminum cans. I'm still going to look into it though, and I'm sure it'll turn out to be some nice extra income, especially if my husband gets his work buddies to donate their gazillion soda cans.

What really impressed me about all of this is how my husband phrased his request. He's been begging me to buy coke for the past 4 months - pretty much every time we go to the commissary and go down the beverage aisle. Just simply asking me to buy coke is not working, so he takes the approach of how I can make money from buying soda. She'll surely get me what I want if she can save some money from it...! dearest husband has finally found the way to a penny pincher's heart. Now if only he'll come to realize that 12 aluminum cans is not going to yield the $4 necessary for a 12-pack...


Erica said...

Thank you for absolutely cracking me up! This is soooo like my hubby. I think if he could find a way, he'd try to talk me into making pizza if it would make money. He's always coming up with some round about way of getting me to make it. haha

Ginger said...

My son works for a welding company that does huge industrial jobs. He drinks tons of cans of anything to keep hydrated. He saw his can pile growing so he got a rather tall but square box, put a huge liner in it. He'd drink a can, stomp it and toss in the can. Soon everyone in the shop was tossing in their cans. He recycles them once a week and it has turned out to be a tax free raise. Even their maintenance man has a huge barrel in the back of the shop he has set up and tells my son when they are full.

My son tells me it is worth about $100 a month. Maybe your DH would start a recycling campaign at work or just do some community clean up to find cans.

We have a huge field, then trees and a huge pond near our house. Folks ride 4-wheelers and toss their cans -- litterbugs that they are. DH walks out there with our dog in the winter and always finds a sack of cans on their walk. He's found balls, cell phones and who knows what else.

Recycling, some deals and poof --- you are back in the cola game again.


kd said...

Uhoh... I'm not sure if I misread your post or not, but you know that you actually pay up front for the money you get when you recycle the cans??? At least here in California that's how it works. You buy the soda for $4 (or whatever) and in addition to that you pay a per-bottle/can charge (like 5 cents per can for the regular sized cans).

THEN you have two choices. You can take it back for recycling and get paid 1) by the can or 2) by the pound. If you choose #2, you will get paid by the pound which actually turns out to be less money than the 5 cents per can you initially paid. If you choose #1, it's a LOT harder to find places that will pay you by the can and it can be more time consuming. You can tell I like recycling. In CA, if you don't choose #1, you loose money you've already spent! And either way, you're not making anything (unless you collect them from other unsuspecting litterers) you are just getting back money you've already spent.

THAT SAID... this is how it works **IN CALIFORNIA** ~ I think it's different in different states. I'd be interested to hear what others have to say.

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