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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Warning: incoming rant!

I missed my Sunday Sound-off since we were out all day, so I decided to do a small make-up rant.  It won't take long, I promise.  But the target of this is our housing management office.  We live in military housing, so we don't really expect that much out of them, but this past incident has just really pushed me over the edge.

We have a garage, but it's not attached to our house.  It's actually around the corner from our house.  In order to get to it by car, you have to drive down an un-named alleyway.  It's actually a just doesn't have a name.  Well, kids love to play on this alleyway, even though there's a HUGE field of grass not 50 feet away.  I'm bad at judging sizes, but it's probably as big as half a football field.  I have no idea why they like this alleyway so much when they have that big old patch of grass readily available to them.

It wouldn't be so bad if these kids would just MOVE when they see cars coming, but they DON'T.  And even worse, some of them like to play chicken with the cars...they'll pretend they're coming out in the road as you're driving by.  Some of the boys will actually jump onto the edge of the road too.  And there are no parents in sight - they're probably in the surrounding houses or something, but it's not like they can physically see their children and what they're doing.

I'm not about to go a-knocking on every door asking unsuspecting parents to control their kids.  For all I know, only one kid actually lives in the neighborhood and the others are his friends from a couple blocks down.  And I'm not about to ask a kid his address either - if they were taught half-right they would know better than to give out their name and address to a stranger.  So I called our housing management office and asked them to look into it.  Do you know what they told me to do?  They told me to write a formal complaint letter! 

My jaw actually dropped when they said this.  They want me to write a formal complaint letter  I don't even know where these kids actually live...much less their names...!  And it's not really so much of a complaint as a "please make sure a kid won't get run over" request.  It's not like I'm complaining about our loud next door neighbors...I'm calling about children playing in a road! 

This is so irresponsible of the housing management office, and in my opinion is just a pathetic excuse to thin out their tiny workload.  They expect that most people won't bother to write a letter, and that way they can get out of a whole bunch of obligations and make less work for themselves.  Well, that might work for petty neighbor-y disputes, but I just don't see the need when we're talking about child safety here.'s safe to come out now.  I'm done ranting.  The purpose of this blog is to help you save some pennies, but I'm just human and sometimes I just really need to get things off my chest.  Thanks for putting up with it.  I really appreciate it.

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Rhonda Parker said...

I totally agree with you and your rant! Sometimes I can't believe how kids are around cars - but then when I look at the adults in parking lots - well, it's amazing that more people aren't injured from pedestrian car accidents. It's a shame that the management wouldn't address this for you.

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