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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mailbox of Goodies: beware!

Update: I spoke with a supervisor at Kenmore Stamps this morning, who assured me that they jumped on the website yesterday afternoon to change the wording to reflect that the sampler of stamps comes with a price tag.  Well, currently it still says the same thing with nary a change in sight...but I've done my part and I'm not going to hound them about it.  They've been notified of the mistake, and what they do with that knowledge reflects on them. 

As for the scale, I got it from them when I was going to cancel my membership.  The gentleman at customer service offered me a free welcome pack of stamps, the scale, and 2 free months.  So I decided to stay on, especially when you can use the scale after you cancel your membership (just don't uninstall the software and select "work offline" instead of logging'll still give you the weight and postage amount you need.  Great for packages because then you can use click-and-ship from USPS). 

I got an unpleasant surprise in my Mailbox of Goodies today from one of the freebies that I requested. The Kenmore Stamps Catalog came with 3 envelopes of stamps that were not free samples - I have to either pay $7 to keep them, or send them back. I called their 1-800 customer service number, and they will be sending me a prepaid postage envelope for me to send them back in. It's not the end of the world, but it just bothers me when companies send you things you didn't request. I'm a busy person with a lot on my plate...I don't have time to be waddling through my mail sending back random stuff.

Be careful when you request your freebies! The lady at customer service said that their website clearly stated that a sampler of stamps will be sent and should I decide to keep it I will be responsible for paying the fees. Well, this is a quote from their website: "You'll enjoy and benefit from valuable information, philatelic facts plus a sampler of stamps and a $5 gift certificate -- A bonanza from cover to cover, and yours FREE - just for asking!" I called their customer service back and requested that a supervisor return my call, because it's just poor business practice to be say one thing and then do another.

Do the stamps really matter that much to me? No. Of course not. But it's the principal of the fact. It irks me beyond all belief when a company tries to take advantage of potential customers. We have a stamp collector in the family, so I was excited to get their catalog to put together a nice little present for Christmas. I was going to make a small order and then use images in the catalog to create a nice gift box, but I think we'll just get the stamps elsewhere...because I'll rather do business with a company who won't try to trick me left and right.

Anyway, enough bad stuff. I did receive some much-anticipated goodies today. I got my free scale from, which will save me many-a-trip to the post office. I also received my ASPCA magnet & window sticker - it's been a long while since I requested this, so I am so glad that I finally received it. And last, but not least, I received a 20% coupon for my next purchase at The Children's Place. It's a nice little surprise, but probably won't be much use because my daughter has more than enough clothing to last the next year. Besides, I always spend less than $5 there in their clearance section, so my potential savings of $1 does not excite me too much.

Maybe tomorrow's Mailbox of Goodies will be better...! Here are some recently added freebies from my list to the right:
Just a word of caution - the list is called "Incoming Freebies" for a reason. Until I actually receive it and announce it on a Mailbox of Goodies post, I can't guarantee that you'll receive it, or you won't get an unpleasant surprise like I did. Request at your own risk! If you're looking for a safer alternative, request only the freebies that I have received and highlighted in my Mailbox of Goodies posts.

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The Jacobson Family said...

I am interested in how you got the free scale from I looked on their website and they have a special $80 value thing to sign up for that includes a that what you got and if so how much was the shipping that you had to pay for?
Thanks, I love looking at your blog!

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