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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Walmart run

Normally I do not share my Walmart runs before they are over and done with, but since I'm on a roll today with the CVS & Walgreens scenarios, I thought I'd do a Walmart one too.

I will be VERY surprised if this comes out according to plan. Nothing at Walmart ever goes according to plan since they're always out of one thing or another, but I make a plan nonetheless because it would be chaos without one. It's not a very good scenario since I don't have the prices of some of the items, but it gives me a rough idea of how long the trip will take and how much I will be spending.

Buy 6 Huggies Cleanteam 40ct. wipes ($1.65) : $9.90
Buy 1 Barilla Piccolini Pasta (16-oz): $1.27
Buy 1 Woolite Dry Cleaner's Secret: up to $2.99
Buy 1 Cascade Crystal clear rinse aid 8.45oz: ???
Buy 1 Yoplait Kids yogurt product: up to $3.24
Buy 1 Duncan Hines 20.45 oz Carrot cake: up to $3.99
Buy 1 Land o Lakes butter in 8 half sticks: up to $4.39
Buy 1 Centrum Cardio product: up to $10.00
Buy 1 specially marked Lunchables (cheese, pepperoni, or pizza & treatza pizza): up to $3
Buy 1 Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers: $1.27
Buy 2 Dove trial size hairspray: $0.97
Buy 1 Gold Bond trial size powder: $0.97
Buy 1 Purina Yesterday's News moisture locking pellets: up to $6.99
Subtotal: $48.08
Use 3 $3/2 Huggies Cleanteam coupon (-$9.00)
Use $1/1 Barilla printable (-$1.00)
Use 1 FREE Wolite coupon (-$2.99)
Use 1 FREE Cascade coupon
Use 1 FREE Yoplait Kids coupon (-$3.24)
Use $1/1 Duncan Hines printable (-$1.00)
Use $0.50/1 Land o Lakes coupon (-$0.50)
Use $3/1 Centrum coupon (-$3.00)
Use $1/1 green giant coupon (-$1.00)
Use $2/1 Dove Hair Care product coupon (-$2.00)
Use $1/1 Gold Bond coupon (-$1.00)
Use FREE Purina coupon (-$6.99)
Grand Total: $16.36 (Savings of $31.72)

I'm also going to keep an eye out for the Scotch Fur Fighter Hair Remover starter kit since I have a $4/1 coupon for that.

If I find everything that I'm looking for, I'll have to make at least 4 transactions because I'm buying 4 items that have rebates and all require the original register receipt. What I'll probably end up doing is dividing all of my items into four different piles and doing the transactions that way. I take a scan of all my rebate materials before I send them in anyway, so it really doesn't matter in the end.


Duncan Hines try me free (up to $3.99) - requires receipt & UPC
Land o Lakes try me free (up to $4.39) - requires receipt & UPC
Centrum cardio cash back rebate (up to $10) - requires receipt & UPC
Lunchables Pizza try me free (up to $3.00) - requires receipt & UPC
Rebate total: $21.38

If everything goes according to plan, I would have made a profit of $5.02 after rebates. Normally I don't play the Walmart coupon-game, just because it takes way too much energy and my Walmarts all have really rude cashiers, but I have returns to make and noticed I had a couple of rebate items to take advantage of. And if I'm going to be searching the store for these rebate items, I might as well make it a full run and go full-force with my coupons.

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