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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thrifty Thursday: Knowing when to quit

Thrifty Jinxy

When I first stumbled into the realm of coupon-ing, free samples, and stuff that stores will pay you to "buy", I could hardly control myself.  I went, for lack of better terms, psycho.  I got things that I would not have a use for in a billion gzillion years.  Every single sample, useful or not, I requested.  And if the store had no limit and I had the coupons, I would swipe the shelves clean.

Then I wised up.  The items might be free, but space certainly is not!  Just because it's free does not necessarily mean that I must own a one, or twelve, of that item.  Goodies in your mailbox is awesome, but what's not awesome is when they become junk that just clogs up precious space. 

I realized that all good things come again.  Samples are restocked, coupons are reset, and things go on sale again.  The item might be free, or the store might even pay you to take it, but before you run out to get it, I would advise you to wait just a minute and think (trust me...the deal will still be there a minute later).  Is it really worth your time and energy to go get it?  Is it worth your time to hunt down and clip the coupons?  Is it worth the special trip to that store?  Is it worth using up some space in your house to stockpile it? 

I always ask myself these questions before I take advantage of a deal that's on something that's not a necessity or a staple in my house.  Would I ask myself the question on diapers or wipes or coffee?  Nope - I'll be the crazy lady cleaning the shelves.  But with things like chocolate or medicines, I think about how much we would need and what we can donate, and then I quit. 

An important skill of a expert deal-seeker is knowing when to quit.  The Robitussin deal at Walgreens this week is awesome, but I doubt that a Walgreens will be very happy with me if I loaded up my cart with all of their Robitussin and stood at a register for 30 minutes repeating the deal.  Nor would I have the room to store all of it.  Walgreens also has a bunch of chocolates for close to free this week.  I love chocolate, but I decided to skip out on these deals because in my opinion it just wasn't worth the trouble getting the coupons.  I just wasn't in the mood.

Coupon-ing and deal-seeking is a hobby for me.  It's fun and something that I enjoy, and it's mainly why I do so well.  It's not a job or a chore to me.  If I forced myself to take advantage of every deal out there, I can guarantee you that I'll get burned out.  Knowing when to quit keeps your deal-seeking flame burning, and you can get excited at going to your favorite store to make your deals, instead of dragging your feet like you're going to work on a Monday morning. 

Believe it or not, there's a PLENTY of free stuff out there for everyone.  Be picky!  Let only the most elite of deals and freebies enter your home and occupy your precious space!  Remember, the stuff might be free, but the space anin't!


MJ said...

I can totally relate, I used to request everything I could get, because if it was free, I had to have it, then suddenly I realized that these things weren't doing me as much good, as harm, by being clutter.

Now that's not saying I still don't love the thrill of the deal... and on a night like last night, yes i'm the crazy lady buying 13 lysol toilet bowl cleaners, but I have started to notice as I've built up many reserves (I am fortunate enough to have some considerable storage space) that I don't always feel the pressure that I MUST HAVE IT! I've seen several deals that I pass along to others but skip myself, because at the end of the day my time is just as important. That is probably been my biggest motivation to trim down... is not only space (since that isn't as much of a hinderance for me) but the time associated with it. I still love getting a good deal, or scoring an awesome free sample, but I've started being realistic. Love you blog!

Miss Mommy said...

Great Tip!!! I too pass on many freebies, of free after coupon items if it is not a store I am going to anyway...or if it is not en route to where I may be going that partucular day or week...or if it is the only thing there that I need. My time, gas, and the kiddies happiness (try not to take them to too many stores...LOL )is way more important to me than any deal!!

HDMac said...

Very good advice!!!

Jinxy and Me said...

I'm back from vacation and Thrifty Thursday is back too. Hope you can participate again!

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