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Monday, September 15, 2008

Our weekend in review

I've had better weekends. We had nonstop pouring rain for pretty much the entire weekend, and it must be the different weather system here because I had a nonstop mind-splitting migraine guessed it...pretty much the entire weekend. I really hate it when it just rains nonstop for days on end, because it just makes your whole life that much more harder. First off, the dogs had to go out, and these are spoiled mutts that do NOT want to go out in the rain. The entire weekend my husband had to pick Chloe up and put her down outside after I closed the door. She just didn't want to go out - she would dig her paws into the carpet and just REFUSE to be moved. And of course, after they went out we had to dry them because they were soaked through...I should have just given my husband some shampoo and told him to give them a bath while they were all out there.

We also had to go to the commissary this weekend. The down-side of menu planning is since I only buy for a week out, we HAVE to go to the commissary or else have no food. We had planned to go on Saturday, except that it was closed due ALL DAY due to a power outage, and we ended up going on Sunday afternoon. Sunday afternoon is a bad day to be at the commissary, because you seriously risk being run over by the sheer amount of carts and people. Of course, it didn't help my head that the baby wanted to scream the entire time we were in there. It wasn't one of my best weeks, but we stayed under budget nonetheless.

Just to get out of the house to do something, we went to a local mall, and quickly regretted it. It was so crowded and definately did not help my headache. On our way home though, we stopped by Walmart and Office Max to get supplies for my coupon binder, and since I ended up doing something completely different, I'll have to go back this week to make returns.

Although we were completely rained in this weekend and I spent most of it hiding under the covers, in review it turned out to be a pretty productive weekend. I really wasn't up to doing anything but sitting under a mountain of blankets, but the perfect thing is that you can clip coupons and organize them under a mountain of blankets! It gave me something to do instead of staring at the wall, and I also got a big thorn out of my side now that I have a new system.

Budget-wise, it wasn't one of our best weeks. We had McDonald's Thursday for lunch because I just couldn't help myself, and I really wasn't feeling up to cooking dinner on Friday, so we had Taco Bell instead. We managed to stay under our grocery budget, but then again the mall brought on a bit of unnecessary spending. However, I'm not stressing it. I've come to terms with the fact that we're not perfect and we'll slip up every once in a while...not to mention that sometimes we just need a break from counting every single penny and "splurge". And since we're normally so careful with our money, realistically we can afford to splurge on fast food or ice cream now and then. It's definately not a good habit to get into, but it's also important to remember to take a break so we don't get burned out!

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