My Precious Pennies

I will be AWAY until late February as we do this moving thing...again.

Ginger from Attention Target Shoppers & Tricia from 1stopmom
will be holding down the fort in the meantime - thank you so much, ladies!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Menu Plan for September 7th - September 13th

The bill for this week's menu plan comes out to just $15.32, but we only had such a low bill due to a store mistake that they just didn't seem to want to fix. I kind of feel guilty about it, but due to that generous oversight we are $34.68 under budget for this week. It's a great way to begin a month!

Steak in Orange Sauce

Fried rice w/ Ham & Asparagus

Teriyaki Chicken


Italian Pasta stir-fry

Sloppy Joes

Cauliflower & Cheese Casserole

As always, if there's a dinner that strikes your fancy, please email me and I would be happy to share the recipe! As a rule of thumb, for Mmm Mondays! I try to highlight a recipe from the last week's menu plan. So if you would like a recipe, I would be more than happy to share it in next week's Mmm Monday!

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