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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Menu Plan for September 28th - October 4th

Just as a warning, my menu plan for next week will look a lot different. I've decided to make a change to how I menu plan/make my grocery list, and will be trying it out for the first time next week. I'm going to be doing my menu plan on the computer in Word, and the point of this is so I can print out a package every week with that week's recipes and grocery list. My recipe collection has grown to the point where I can't keep them all in the kitchen, so I've moved them over to a bookcase. With my menu plan package, I'll have all the recipes I need that week in one place.

I'm hoping that it will also be a better arrangement for my readers. Instead of emailing me for a recipe or waiting for Mmm Monday next week to hopefully highlight your favorite, you will be able to view the recipes immediately. You will also be able to see my grocery list and any corresponding deals at the commissary.

But anyway, here is our menu plan for this week:


Tuna Spaghetti Southwest (quickie recipe since we're taking pictures that evening)

Hearty Pork Chops

Homemade Mac n Cheese (another quicker because it's Chloe's class night)


Bruschetta chicken

Pasta Carbonara Frittat

If you're interested, here is my commissary trip relating to this week's menu. Except for the fact that it doesn't really relate because I was only missing 4 ingredients and my commissary trip ended up being a stockpile trip instead. Either way, if you want to take a look at it, it's available here.


Lynn said...

Your menu looks great thanks.

Lynn said...

Your menu looks great.

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