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Monday, September 22, 2008

Mailbox of Goodies

I got a nice Mailbox of Goodies today:  A free magazine subscriptions, a bunch of coupons, some free samples, and even a rebate!
I also received my $3.99 rebate check from Pert Plus' Try it Free offer, which came with a couple of money saving coupons.  An unusual "freebie" that I received was a coupon for a free Febreeze Fabric Refreshener.  I had received a water dish and a food scooper from them 2 weeks ago, but the strangest thing was that there was a feedback postcard but no free product coupon.  I wouldn't have known I was supposed to receive a free product coupon if it didn't say "following your purchase with coupon" on the postcard.  So I emailed their customer service about it, and they sent out a new coupon ASAP.  I love great customer service.

Here are some recently added freebies for you to beef up your own Mailbox of Goodies:
Remember to check the list of "Incoming Freebies" to the right.  It's updated at least once a day, and contains all of the freebies that I have personally requested but have not yet received.  Once I do receive them, I will post about them in my daily Mailbox of Goodies post and also put a "received on" date next to it.  Every week on Friday, I will go down the list and clear out the received freebies so the list won't get too crowded.

Hopefully it's a useful resources to my readers!

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